Skype Chat 1.9: Nick Lambert – Digital Practice


Nick Lambert – Head of Research, Ravensbourne and Chair of the Computer Arts Society


Art of the Electronic Age – Frank Popper

Art of the Electronic Age

The past 25 years has seen unprecedented innovations in technologically produced art. Illustrating his text with superb color reproductions, author Frank Popper provides an overview of works by such artists as Christo, Jenny Holzer, Nam June Paik, and Bill Viola.


The talk today was about the history of electronic art particularly focused on the British scene. The best thing is to listen to the video again and read the Skype Chat.

Of particular interest to me is the transition from purely algorithmic research work to using computers as artistic medium.

This shift took place particularly in the eighties with technological advances with workers being able to work directly with computers.

This area may feed into how I position myself later on in the course.