Thought for Implementation

Which, I ask myself, is the subject here, the hole or the thing that contains the hole. It is what I want it to be, but without the one the other would not exist. Likewise, is the movement out or in? Like a grouper fish, this thing, this devourer of space encroaches on the unknown and brings with it the unknown. The fear of holes, tears at the fabric of my consciousness, invites curiosity and repels as a harbinger of harm. It is from where things come and where they disappear to. The thing that contains the whole contains reality as so forms the substance of faith.

What would happen if you were to put your hand into the pitch darkness and as you do so, the rustling, murmuring, growling, grunting of life could be barely audible. You have to then draw your head closer towards the dark to hear what lies inside…

As with a number of ideas I have for the project proposal, the full meaning of this work would not lie in itself. It would be revealed as part of the sediments of consciousness, the fabric of ideas woven with the other works. And the space in between would invite further thoughts and behaviours by the viewers, recipients, call that what you will.

An Australian friend once described to me, swimming in the barrier reef and looking over its edge into the deep ocean. And as he did so, a giant grouper rose from the dark depths and hovered over him. It could have swallowed him whole but clearly it did not. This vision has remained with me for over thirty years, such is the power of the denizens of the unknown.