Online Show Update

On Tuesday we went over a number of things regarding the end of course activities. Amongst them, we discussed the online show. It is at this point that it becomes clear what shape it will take. Jonathan prepared a Four Space site as an example. The crucial point has been, the place of the Cables presentation set up by Aristotle. Until now I have not really known what its role would be, and there were questions as to how the Javascript would be hosted on whichever platform.

It is now clear that the way to go is to use a WordPress site. Jonathan has heroically said he will have a site up and running by next Tuesday, the day when the assessment starts. That would give us about a week to curate a page on the site into which the Cables could be embedded. Until now, I did not know what would happen and felt it was important to concentrate or tying up a few loose ends and prepare the Unit 2 Assessment page, which has been a piece of research in itself.

I know that Aristotle is very busy, Cables can very quickly become complicated and the cables server overloaded with everyone’s files. I have decided to embed videos, sound and images on the WordPress page, keeping it simple, and using the Cables as it is with a few minor alterations. The three blocks will be wrapped with images that would not be shown on the page itself. The simplicity of rotation and moving up and down would have just enough interactivity to foster a degree of curiosity.

This simple solution gives Aristotle time to do his own thing as the wrapping is quickly and easily done and gives another dimension to the work. I shall look into doing something with Cables later on when I have more time.

The preparation of the images themselves is a question of making sure that their composition fits the 9:16 proportions of the blocks. I hope to have them all 12 done by tomorrow. And now that my assessment page is finished, I can start thinking about how I shall curate the online show page, this gives me a week, not long but then that should concentrate my mind.