Day Four of WITD

I finished the essay Cat today and sent it off. I also worked on WITD and managed to get to the top more quickly than I had hoped. I should finish the other side by Tuesday and complete the underneath by Friday as I had hoped. Then I can add the extremities and start finishing. In the meantime, I have also continued working on the virtual space with Aristotle. I now see how Cables might be useful in the future.

Reflecting on the essay, I can see how keeping this blog journal has been one of the most important aspects of doing this MA. It has led me to develop my writing skills which in turn has helped me find my voice. But I am not constrained to only one style or approach. I feel I have acquired a flexibility and methodology in writing that allows me to write pretty much about anything, even when I am not ‘inspired’. I am surprised how easily the essay came to me, particularly when considering that I would never have chosen to write about cats. However, now that I have written about cats and art, I find them really interesting. Moral of the story, never dismiss a subject when you know little about it, the inspiration lies in the doing.

NB I have been reading some of the posts I have written as I prepare for evaluation and assessment. There are pieces of writing I should like to work on and develop as well as those that stand on their own. I have my work cut out for after graduation.