Residency 2020: Gallery Visits

I see the experience on these gallery visits in three ways. My appreciation of the work, what I take away from the experience, and the opportunity to discuss things with others in the group. It is not common to spend an extended time with many people who have art practice in common. The cyanotype and letterpress workshops have been examples of seeing how others look upon and approach the same task. It is like undertaking lengthy experimentation over a period of time without ever having to do so all in one afternoon.

I have written a lot about the works I saw but decided to show a few of the pictures I took as aids to memory.

Victoria Miro Gallery: from Gattaca…
…to old London
Parasol Unit
Christine Rebet – video projected on concrete plinth
Bookarts Bookshop
Rose Finn-Kelcey at Kate MacGarry
Helen Knowles at Arebyte
Helen Knowles at Arebyte: intervened by P