Second Phase of Third Work – WITD

Today I started roughing out the forms for this work. The bodies are hollow as I cut out holes in the egg-shaped armature. This is the difficult and exciting stage of the work when the composition is worked out and the character of the work is established.

I thought about how the work would go before starting and tried planning. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I had thought about it long enough it was something that could not be planned. It is something that develops in the doing. After all, it is not as though I have not worked on this idea before.

This is the first work of its kind I make on this scale. I was daunted before starting but have found it relatively easy as I have gone along. It requires concentration because it is all about translating the feeling and sense of the work into composition through action.

Something that comes to mind is that the title evokes another work in which human bodies form the mass or even a combination of the animal and human. That might be a bit trite but it might also be striking. This kind of thinking can only be resolved in the doing and finishing of a work. Whatever the case might be, I can only make one work of this kind for the show. To think of something else risks not completing (at least in the unfired form) anything at all.