Ideas for New Work 1

As the MA nears its end, the inability to prepare a physical show at Camberwell has come as a great disappointment. Presence was something I was working towards and very much depend on for conveying the essence of what I do. As I have already mentioned previously, an online show in no way substitutes for this lack. Physical work is what I am about as will be made obvious in the symposium. However, in working around this negation, not challenge, erasure, not threat, my mind has filled with other possibilities for the future. I do not see them so much as oppotunities as latent additions. They have arisen from designing the online show, observing responses to lockdown and restrictions. But they also arise from the work itself, filling in gaps that I have often thought about. Ideas that once seemed caprices or sidelines to my main activity now looking like interesting and viable augmentations to my practice.

My aim over the next few weeks is to compile lists of ideas as they occur in a cluster of posts:

  • large format and/or pinhole and lens based photographs;
  • essays, some based on some of the ideas arising out of the blog journal;
  • learn cables and create online shows/presentations;
  • video works – portal – planetary body – parade;
  • prose poems stand alone and/or accompanying work;
  • book/magazine/pamphlet/zine type publications for online and print;
  • develop the use of instagram as an alternative means of communication.