Day Seven – WITD

29 April

Yesterday I closed the circle on the armature. I now enter into a slightly different phase of completing the figures and starting to work downwards to enclose the whole form. I need to build a stand so I can get underneath and find a way of making that stable while I work. It needs to by so because I will not be able to move it until it is completed and hard.

I had already made a stand and it is dry enought to support the weight. But I am not sure if it is wide enough to make the whole structure stable while I work. I could add to it or make a new one. I shall deal with this matter this afternoon.

As I continue with the work on WITD, I also continue with other aspects of the project and the blog curation. The latter is a lengthy matter, to collate and organise the information, re-read the posts and look at how my ideas have evolved. Regarding the former, I am working on, amongst other things:

  • the narrative prose;
  • finishing as far as possible Logos and Enshrinement;
  • constructing the models;
  • planning the videos,
  • and accompanying soundtracks;
  • building the virtual space;
  • rendering the visualisations of the Camberwell show.
  • drafting Symposium 2
  • rewrite Project Proposal with respect to twin trajectory
  • outlining the Critical Evaluation