What Are My Intentions for the Third Phase?


The third term has begun and I feel I am entering a new phase of making coupled with the beginning of working on the research statement. The former is becoming more focused in response to the targeting of an idea I had for the RS. My thoughts turn to what I might be doing at the end of the course, the final show more precisely and therefore the project proposal. I have wandered along many avenues since October and as I have done so, gathered a number of notions that together with what I brought to the MA is now shaping into a more definable work or rather set of works. 

I do not want to narrow things down too much, this would be a mistake but I keep in mind, what is my intention for the project proposal. I do not mean what it is or its aims but how I intend it to function. Is it a display of work, or a proselytisation of a standpoint; is it a trope intended to tease and push the audience into an unexpected way of thinking? The final work(s) could be all these things or none at all. The thing is this, I have ideas, philosophy, gut instinct and I imbue my work with all these. I try to persuade and twist the arm of the viewer but that is all I can do at a distant. I become invisible, a spirit that can be sensed perhaps or ignored. The viewer makes their own mind up, my job is to arrest their attention and quietly whisper, or not, do you see what I see? They may be able to see more deeply into what I have done, that is good. They may skim over the surface, that is good also. I do not require anything of the viewer, what I do is a gift. A gift cannot be ignored but neither can the giver force it on the receiver in which case it is no longer a gift. 

For the enactment of the project proposal I have my sense of things but they are perhaps best kept silent for now. What I propose is to voice a song, a tale that when heard, forms its own images in the mind of the listener in whatever form.