Two Things About Writing on the Sculpture

Why use a single language that cannot be read universally?

Why make the words visible and readable?

English is a pretty universal language and does it matter if it cannot be read? When I look at a chinese work, Aztec freeze, a Middle Eastern artefact, am I less drawn to it because I cannot understand the inscription? The mystery is often alluring. In any case the text cannot be read at a distance. It is barely discernable this draws me in closer.

There is another thing, and that is that although the text is written in the conventional left to right fashion, and read as a sequence of phrases. However, the continuous repetition and the fact that there is no obvious beginning or end creates a difficulty in contextualising the meaning. With the circular, cyclical format of inscription, it is somewhat like dipping into a continual narrative. The meaning can be misinterpreted without starting from the beginning. The aim is to open the work out to a multiplicity of interpretations and invite closer scrutiny and time spent on the sculpture.

Online and seeing as I cannot fire the pieces, I see this as a rotating image/video of the sculpture, the camera scanning the surface of the porcelain.

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