Logos – Title



In the beginning was the Word,
And the Word was with Chaos
And from Chaos came Night and Day.

The Word became Flesh and walked with Chaos,
And from the war of Nature, from Famine and Death,
The most exalted Objects were produced and followed.

And the most exalted were breathed into new Forms.
The new Forms breathed from few or one,
And from so simple a beginning
Endless Forms most beautiful and wonderful were made.

Flesh became Stone and remained among Us.
And Stone became the Word.
And from the Word all things that are named were named.

And from the manifold Names comes the Word.
No one thing is without name
And no one thing that was made was made without its name.



The incorporation of text into the body of the sculpture has been a point of hiatus in its physical making. I have returned to the name Logos, it encompasses many of the ideas that underly my work, many of the contexts that have fed and informed what I do.

Logos has so many meanings, from simply subjective reasoning as in ‘speak’, ‘I say’ to logic which is nonetheless subject to our senses. It invokes the divine and the natural, the language of words and of numbers. I have triangulated the writings of St John, Darwin and Hesiod into a text that offers the possibility for different readings and conversations.