Virtual Space Work Flow

We have been having Zoom meetings every Tuesday during the lockdown, as a means of keeping in touch and supporting one another. The sessions have mainly focused on the online show. Today was particularly interesting because those of us who have started to work with Aristotle were asked by Jonathan, if our experience so far could help others in planning their virtual space. Just before that, I had had a quick conversation with Aristotle over a particular. It then became clear what, at least, my workflow needed to be as I outlined my suggestions.

Based on the principle of taking care of the big things and the details will follow (I alluded to this in the previous post) I outlined these four points:

  1. Decide the nature of the space and build it.
  2. Place objects for textures, their approximate positions, sizes, proportions.
  3. Work out the controls, camera movements, actions.
  4. Place the textures (work files) on the object surfaces.

This simple work flow deals with things in a way so as to not make alterations too complicated.

If the space’s surfaces such as walls are to be textured, these should be added at the first stage. However, what is important is to create the unwrapped meshes. Attention should be payed to images that are complex or need tiling so that they fit well when wrapped. Placeholder files can be used but it is better to use the files intended in the final rendering. Fortunately, I do not have to think of this seeing as my space is as simple as could be, i.e. no space.

The good thing about this workflow is that the final work does not have to be ready until the end. This has the added advantage of dictating how the work will be. It is akin to creating a site-specific work out of my work. Ok, it is not quite the same as curating a physical show but there are similarities, constraints.

Things becoming clearer

I now see that I was falling into the danger of putting too much in, creating both visual and navigational confusion.

For this reason, I have decided to stick to three 3D objects, one for each work: WITD, Logos, and Enshrinement. Each face of the cuboids/prisms would show a different aspect of each work. A lot now depends on the controls and principally the navigation. Is it possible to approach and rotate each object independently?

I think having sorted this out in my head. The whole thing has become relatively straightforward, meaning I can get on with the work. There are only ten weeks left… that is not long.