Green Screen Test

A few days ago arrived the green screen cloth, all 3 m2 of it. The piece is quite unwieldy and I shall have to build a frame for it. The resaon for such a long screen was to cover a wide field of view and ground area for filming and photography.

There a lots of tutorials on how to use green screen. In photoshop using the colour range filter is very simple and straight forward. However, the green screen does tend to distort colour in the image (see above) and this has to be accounted for. If shooting in RAW this can be done post production but it can also be done by adjusted the white balancen in-camera. As always, there is more than one way of achieving a result.

The above example is a very rough mockup. Lighting is all important to give a realistic collage matching the background with the object.

With respect to video, the process is not that different but I suspect it will take up a lot of memory. As I aim to shoot and post produce a number of short clips, this should not be a problem.

Finally, I have done the same sort of thing without a green screen before but this process is vastly faster and easier than anything I have done before. Additionally, it is clearly better for complex shapes and scenes in which I would want to isolate a number of objects.