Online Show Final Layout

Now the final assessment is handed in, I can carry on with the online show preparations. Over the weekend, I prepared the images to fit the block ratios and sent Aristotle a sheet with the image order. He did it in an instant. There are just a few adjustments to make: add a soundtrack and enable images to fill the screen. This done, I can look at the WordPress site Jonathan has prepared. It looks good and ready to go. I have some idea of how to use the page but no details yet. Head not quite in the right place yet.

The soundtrack is a difficult question, this presentation is very visible, sound creates a mood. What sound do I use if any and how will that affect the viewing? I have to think about this one, I don’t want to muddle the presentation and in any case, there will be sound on the videos on the WP page. I’ll have to see how that develops and how the Cables interacts with the rest of the page.