Experimental Form

I made this piece some time ago as a precursor to the forms for Enshrinement. I am resurrecting it as something for the future. It was a transition piece from those I had originally made as H’s playthings, a project that has been in hiatus since about a year ago. Many new forms are yet to come, presenting possibilities to experiment with different shapes as resonance chambers for the voice and embedded speakers.

I find this toing and froing of ideas and objects exciting. Nothing ever finishes: latency and potential, expectancy and possibility. This image is very different from those in the previous post and yet it is the same material in exactly the same place. The scale is not alluded to. The piece could be small or large. I conceive things on a large scale, the rest is a question of practicality.

It is conceived as theatre, as still life, as interior landscape. It is the drawing together of the sensual and the cerebral. It is an interesting way of rethinking work and in doing so, it becomes something new. The prop beneath the ‘tail’ which is not yet attached, is an improvisation using two stands from two other works, one on top of the other. This borrowing from one project for use in another lends a fractured cohesiveness to the process.

As Will, Danielle and I were discussing in the Zoom breakout meeting on Tuesday, improvisation is a very fertile way of working. I find that using what is around me introduces a granularity to the process that cannot be achieved by slicker means. There is a meaningful tension in the search for perfection in spontaneity requiring focus and abandonment at the same time: a balance between permission and censure, mistake and correction.