Mitigating the Impact of Coranavirus on the Delivery of the Project Proposal

All the thinking, conversations, experimentation, making, and reflection that has taken place during the MA, has been instrumental in developing a methodology able to mitigate in large part the effect of coronavirus. Its impact by making the completion of the project proposal by the end of year impossible is by no means the end of working on the pieces. The process I have engaged in means that I am in a position not only to finish them after the last term but also to install them with their corresponding multimedia components and curatorial assets.

For now and over the next few weeks and months, as the works are finished, they will be sited in some wonderful locations I have identified near to my studio and documented using a variety of means. This will pave the way for future shows, including the one for UAL graduates proposed for sometime in the future.

Having said all this, the lockdown has also brought with it positive outcomes that I have written about elsewhere. These include an introduction to Cables, identifying a possible demand for non-documentary photography of work, and recording a music album that brings together the voice and sculptural forms. I feel that there is coherency as I go about my work that makes continuity and equal progress possible outside the context of the MA framework, knowing that my thoughts are held together by a strong and flexible core backed by well-defined skills.