Residency 2020: Trying Out Drawing on New Laptop

Towards the end of the Low Residency, I accompanied Janet, who had a meeting nearby. Jonathan was in the same building at a symposium. I could not join him. I sat down in one of the large plaster cast rooms and thought about trying out the new laptop with its stylus. I have hardly ever drawn on a tablet or with a stylus preferring pen, pencil on paper. If I have ever drawn on the computer, I have done so with a mouse. I feel the simple constraints of the mouse give it a sense that is its own, rather than trying to replicate the tablet-style. I recognise its value for others, but for me, the workflow of digital drawing is too full of stop-starts that limit my fluency and thoughts. The one thing having tried this method that I do like is the fact that the drawing is embedded in the computer, making it a neat way of bringing drawing into the digital ecology.

Instead of drawing the plaster casts, I was inspired to jot down ideas for the final show. Three, two ones that I would follow through and one which I may develop or not depending on where I have time and space – unlikely. The drawings are crude but work as memory aids.