Logos Model

Unfired porcelain

The various components for the small scale model are completed. The work has shifted from the ancestral vertical Oracle to is horizontal descendant. I know that the actual large scale work it is modelled on will not be finished before the summer. It does not have the incised words and was much much easier to make and assemble. The large scale work is going to be quite a beast to complete but I am nearing the time for tackling it as I complete other tasks.

Logos has fewer components than Oracle, and its coherence and simplicity is a function of the way it will work once completed. Oracle was an ensemble of disparate pieces that as such creates an interesting collection, However, assembled it would have presented a distinct incoherence and inbalance. Not an imbalance by choice, imparting a dynamic articulation of parts, but one where the consideration for each part takes precedence over the whole. I think the synthesis that has arisen in the form of Logos, the simplicity, is the result of over a year’s process of distilation and understanding.