Day Ten – WITD

This was the state of the work two days ago. I have started some detail as I continue to work on the large areas. I have to continually look at it from all angles. It would be so easy for something to go awry in terms of composition. It is high relief, but in the round; a spherical or ovid frieze.

My mind is buzzing with so many ideas. It is frustrating to work on things which take so long. I have to choose carefully what I do and not be swayed by whims of the moment. I need to think a) how does this tie in with my work and ideas, b) does it take things further and or add depth c) am I merely responding impulsively to something I have seen or heard?

Today (4th) Janet looked out of the window at the apple blossom and saw the porcelain piece reflected in what she saw. There are so many things that connect, often in unexpected ways. It is a form of poetry, and from such tropes and metaphores ideas spring into plain sight. Some persist others fade and become irrelevant. This is why experimenting is so important, I throw things in the air and see how they fall allowing my agenticity to come into play. But this is not a senseless or arbitrary process. It is one in which I have learnt through practice and research to recognise patterns and understand structure. It is the way I have been able to seek clarity, simplicity, and depth.

Three forms under wraps. Threes witches, three muses, three blind mice. Fine works hidden or veiled, an interesting proposition. A reciprocal exhange of experience. The artist is often rended mute of their work and intent by the noise of opinion and perception, what if the viewer were to be deprived of site of the work and were able to listen only to the artist? ….. One caveat with this idea, is there anything worth listening to, or looking at beneath the veil? Prior knowledge of the area is a useful thing in the arts. Even the ‘shock of the new’ comes with some of that.