Symposium: Summary Thoughts

The making of the video was difficult in terms of synthesising my thoughts into something cogent and broad. I feel I have succeeded in delivering a clear idea of what I am about as an artist at this time. The responses mention how this video was more accessible than previous ones, Symposium 1 and Midpoint review. Notwithstanding this, I feel that I expressed myself with greater depth.

I was gratified by the response to the sound aspect of the video. This is a difficult area, to not colour the message but aid it along and give pace to the viewing – after all, I also do work with sound. A couple of comments mentioned how the video seemed like a longer film. I think the editing structure (1,3,1) and the pacing of the soundtrack were fundamental in this. This has certainly supported my thoughts on creating stand-alone soundtracks developing what I did for the video. I learnt a lot about how to pace and deliver a voiceover and balancing it with other sounds. It has been, as always, a very experimental experience borne out of a heuristic methodology.

The Question and answer process has been useful in developing ideas and seeing how the perspective of others differs from my own. This I knew, but to undergo a formal process where people can interrogate my presentation of my process which and I can respond to later, is invaluable. I can also see how my methodology and how I put it across have developed over the course of the two years from the first symposium through to now.