Continuing Modelling


Today I continued with the modelling of Logos in miniature. I can see how this can translate for the online show. The actual large scale work would be too uncontrollable to capture in the studio satisfactorily but the model could be placed in a more manageable environment where I can control the lighting, surfaces and so on. It would be in effect a diorama. It is also comparable to what can be done virtually only a) I have a tactile object at the end of it b) it takes a fraction of the time to put together giving me more time to do other work c) making it functions as practice for finishing the large work.



I remade the smaller spheroid in proportion to my original intentions which seems to work much better, more balanced. I started making the connectors and still have to make the anterior components.

Supporting the pieces with wooden blocks gave me an insight into how I can find alternatives for supports. In the case of these blocks, a more architectural approach, or perhaps as a conceptual landscape, Logos perching, roosting, surveying its domain. As for the scaffolding, that is perhaps a more formal solution that isolates the sculpture in space. This has yet to be tested. I shall have to wait until all this COVID-19 business is over and the pieces to be fired to find out how it works on a large scale. However, in the meantime I could experiment with the model, time permitting.