The Raum Gallery: Between Spaces

Between Spaces

RAUM – (the German word for space), is described by Martin Heidegger as ‘a happening, a talking place‘. In ‘Building Dwelling Thinking‘, Heidegger states that, ‘only something that is itself a location can make space for a site. The location is not already there before the bridge is. Therefore a space is something that has been spaced or made room for’.

Donald TakGuy organised a popup show at his online gallery, The Raum Gallery. This is an interesting experiment in relatively impromptu exhibitions, although getting a number of people to show their work and organising their curation always comes with a hidden extension to what might have been thought a relatively quick exercise. I was pleased to be able to take part in this, even in the midst of developing work of other kinds. The experience helped view some past work in a new light in the context of ideas I have been gathering in thoughts since the lockdown began. Several of the images showing in the Raum led to ideas such as The Future and the Past in One Place and contributed in no small way to Experimental Form. Thank you, Don.

Showing work that is made for physical viewing, recontextualised through a virtual exhibition using documentary imagery, opens up a new way of working, Diversification within a cohesive conceptual methodology is something new to me. It is an exciting moment in the development of my practice.