Research Discussion: Introductory Video


For the research discussion I decided to create a series of videos that explain aspects of theory drawn from philosophy, art history and contemporary ideas, centred around subject object relationships and behaviour around art works as though they were living.

There are four videos in total, far too much to be seen during the 50 minutes session. However, making them has proved very interesting and I have developed ideas that not only serve my current practice and feed into the project proposal, but also provide hooks on which to hang a future research proposal should I decide to continue with a further degree.

The videos themselves are in crude form. They are really more like annotated podcasts. However, they provide the framework for a set of videos that include images, animations and videos and perhaps even load up onto YouTube.

In view of the length of the videos, I have decided to advance send the introduction which sets the scene and gives an idea of how the subsequent information came about. I hope that the second video, to do with subject-object relationships, gives sufficient material for discussion. I find it opens out onto various fields and could go in many directions.

I look forward to seeing how the others interpret the ideas, and what might emerge.